Clint Capela 8 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (5/12/2015)

This has been a tough series on Rockets fans, emotionally. After the game 4 loss where their team showed almost no resistance, they seemed ready to schlepp off to South America and drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in the Guyanese rainforest. It seemed a forgone conclusion that their favored team would lose the series, so why prolong the agony?

Now, after this convincing win against the Clippers, I fear they are swinging too far in the other direction. No, Clint Capela is not a max-contract level player. Neither is Kostas Papanikolaou. Don’t be ridiculous.

Such is the nature of sports fandom. Overreactions rule the day. But I am not overreacting when I say this: Clint Capela is gonna be a darn good backup for Dwight Howard next year. Having him is like having a mini-Dwight who does lots of the same stuff but doesn’t want random flailing postups a couple times a game. And without all the injuries.

Damn, that description makes him sound pretty good. Maybe he should be the starter?

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