Matthew Dellavedova 19 Points Full Highlights (5/14/2015)

Regular season Delly is content to play his role on the team. Playoff Delly is an entirely different beast, a beast who only desires to watch Kyrie get injured so that he can take over the entire game. This “Playoff Delly” is a result of a series of botched electroshock treatments and misperformed surgeries to cure him of his vegemite addiction, leaving him in a mute robotic state, unable to process human emotions but now possessing the ability to make threes in any situation.

I cannot tell a lie. It gratified me immensely to see Playoff Delly bury the Bulls under six feet of three-pointers. Don’t forget that the Bulls are the ones who eliminated the Bucks in the most embarrassing manner possible. To see them wither against Playoff Delly and the Cavs fills me with great glee.

If Delly’s cyborg state persists through the rest of the playoffs, watch out Western Conference teams! Or should I say “Lesstern” Conference? Hahahaha!

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