Kevin Gamble Career High 37 Points Full Highlights (12/20/1995)

I want to apologize to all my loyal fans.

Looking at my last few vintage highlights, you might notice a disturbing trend among the players represented. No, they’re not all white. Worse. They are all All-Stars! Some of them are even Hall-Of-Famers! I am so sorry. The point of this channel is to showcase the un-showcased, to spotlight the un-spotlit. Not to heap extra glory on those who already have plenty of it.

There are some things that are not easily forgiven. That’s okay. I understand your anger. I offer this highlights package as a small token of my penitence, an attempt to make right the wrongs I have committed not only against you, but my entire subscriber base.

The highlights are of the non-All-Star Kevin Gamble, who scored 37 points. He really kind of sucked.

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