Mo Williams 19 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (10/27/2015)

Sometimes it’s nice to see bridges, long since burned in haste, raised anew in the name of camaraderie.

Now is not one of those times. There aren’t enough real beefs in the NBA, and the Mo Williams-LeBron James feud was one of the last that drama-seeking NBA fans had. Remember when Mo, before a Cavs-Heat game, refused to shake LeBron’s hand and called him a bitch? Remember the twitter meltdowns? It was kind of a one-sided thing, since obviously LeBron doesn’t have brainpower to spare over a scrub like Mo Buckets, but it was still fun. Remember the note Mo wrote that called LeBron out using ThunderCats as the underlying theme for the whole thing?

Don’t even tell me that it was a fake. My life is so much better if I believe that he compared LeBron to Lion-O and himself to Panthro.

I didn’t watch tonight’s Cavs game close enough to see if they have really mended their relationship. Are they chest bumping yet? The one real litmus test of a relationship is chest bumping frequency. Keep that in mind when deciding who is included in your social circle. I had to break up with my penultimate GF because her chest bumps were just so tiny.

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