Andrea Bargnani 17 Points Nets Debut Full Highlights (10/28/2015)

Now that Andrea Bargnani has emerged from underneath the darksome shadow of that gigantic contract that the Raptors gave him, we can appreciate him for what he is (a tissuey jump-shooting seven-footer) rather than mock him for what he should have been (a franchise cornerstone who is a nightly threat to go bananas). 1.5 million is a very fair price for a player like Bargnani. It might even be a bargain.

The bad news for Bargs (other than the lack of retail outlets selling Primo Pasta and Sauce products in the Brooklyn area) is that he is going to be on a losing team. Again. Some of his early-career Raptors teams were okay, but mostly, this guy only gets to play with other losers on teams that do nothing but lose.

That’s okay. I’m a loser too. If he’s down, we can hang out and be losers together. But no weird touching and stuff. I know how Italians are.

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