Terrence Ross 21 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2015)

The general feeling I get from the Raptors fanbase is that Terrence Ross is a festering agglomeration of disgusting trashy bits. “He’s not aggressive enough” they say. “Just a soft jump shooter who can’t shoot” they say. “Why can’t he be more like Bruno?” they wonder. Just kidding! Toronto fans hate Bruno even more than Terrence.

I understand their frustration. I saw Brandon Jennings score 55 and then not do anything of note the whole rest of his time in Milwaukee. But it’s not Terrence’s fault that he scored 51 and got everyone all overexcited. It’s not his fault that he can perform sick dunks only in a contest setting. It’s not his fault that he’s an unassertive shooting guard who can’t always shoot. It’s not his fault that Canadians, with their massive inferiority complex, constantly need to overrate their sportsmen.

Don’t you feel bad now, Raptors faithful? Between this and Drake, I’d say you’re the worst fanbase in the league.

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