Kent Bazemore 23 Points Full Highlights (2/7/2016)

I don’t want to tell you your business. You’re a free human being, and one of the benefits of your freedom is that you get to watch whatever videos on YouTube that you want. It also means that I’m free to tell you your business in the form of what you should watch, because as a YouTube video maker, I know better than the average plebeian.

Wasn’t there some big sporting event that just concluded? I think there was, lots of people seemed really invested in the outcome. Aren’t there some highlights to watch of that sporting contest? I bet there are. I KNOW there are. You should watch them, is what I’m trying to say. Kent Bazemore is cool, but these highlights are from a regular season Magic-Hawks game. Again, cool, but not a huge cultural event like this other thing.

Don’t worry. These highlights will still be here tomorrow, when you’re done watching the highlights of the big game.

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