Mario Hezonja 14 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2016)

What I really wanted to do for this video was put “/1 Game-Winner” in the title. What better way to drive views to my carefully compiled highlights than with the promise of a game-winning shot by everyone’s favorite Croatian rookie?

His big triple near the end of regulation looked to be the game winner until the Hawks managed to get a free throw to put it into overtime. I actually prewrote the title for this video (those things take a long time to write), not anticipating an overtime period.

Technically, if he doesn’t hit that shot, the Magic probably lose, which makes it a “game-winner”. Taking that idea further, you could consider all of his shots except for the one in overtime to be “game-winners”, since if he doesn’t hit all of them the Magic lose in regulation. So the real title of this video should be “Mario Hezonja 14 Points/5 Game-Winners Full Highlights”. Despite its accuracy, it seems a little misleading.

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