Chandler Parsons 24 Points/1 Headbutt Full Highlights (2/19/2016)

So the big news from this game is that Chandler Parsons and Zaza Pachulia basically brawled right at center court as their teammates threw hundred-dollar bills at them in a crude form of bet-making. It didn’t quite go down exactly that way, but it was pretty close, as you’ll see if you watch until the end of the video.

It was so awesome that I don’t think I can make it any funnier by writing a description about it. The funniest part is how the commentators act like nothing is happening while Parsons and Pachulia are exchanging body blows. “Parsons has 24 in the game!” WHAP. “We’re tied at 101!” CRUNCH. “Timeout Magic!” [distant sound of police sirens as combatants scatter]

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