Josh McRoberts 19 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (2/19/2016)

The NBA just isn’t the same without any long-haired white guys. With Lou Amundson and now Josh McRoberts having sheared off their flowing locks, the only thing we can hope for is the long-overdue unretirement of Walter Herrmann. Or that Steven Adams never gets a haircut. But hair length is not what this channel is about. There are a lot of channels that will tell you about what celebrities look like but this is not one of them.

McRawbits has been a walking injury report since joining the Heat after having a good season (the only good season of his career) in Charlotte back in the 13-14 season. That was so long ago that Chris Douglas-Roberts was on that team with McBobbers. Now CDR is dead. Not only that, but the Heat still had LeBron James, because he hadn’t yet removed his talents from South Beach. That’s how long it’s been since McBoobs has been relevant.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, McBobberts put the team on his back. You might be tempted to argue that Luol Deng, who scored thirty, was really the one putting the team on his back, but you would be wrong. McBob had nineteen points, which is less than thirty, but when you add in the twenty or so that he gained from assists, he actually accounted for forty of his team’s points. And forty is more than thirty. That’s just math.

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