Patty Mills 21 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/21/2016)

We can all agree that there are certain players who we only watch for certain reasons. DeAndre Jordan for alley-oops. Kobe Bryant for turnaround jumpers. Pau Gasol for complaining to the refs and making funny faces. Blake Griffin for punching equipment staff. If those players aren’t doing those things, then it’s not even any fun to watch them.

And for Patty Mills, that reason is three-pointers. To be honest, this is exactly the type of Patty Mills video I would want to watch if I were you guys. There are no lame layups anywhere to be found in this minute and twenty second-long nugget of Aussie action. Only three-pointers. And some free throws. Free throws suck but at least they don’t take up too much time, and then we get right back to the long bombs. The only things that would make it better are 1.) more three-pointers and 2.) more Aussie catchphrases from the commentators. Anything else added to this video would just make it worse.

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