Shelvin Mack 16 Points/6 Assists Jazz Debut Full Highlights (2/21/2016)

With the addition of Shelvin “The Macksturbator” Mack, the dire point guard situation in Utah-land becomes slightly less dire. But not much. Let’s do a quick rundown:

-Shelvin Mack: Unlikely to give you sixteen and six every game, but never underestimate the impact of reuniting with a former college teammate. Expect upwards of one Mack-Hayward connection per game.
-Dante Exum: In Australia your ACL is located in your forehead so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal that he tore his. Is it a bad thing that Mack had a better game in his Jazz debut than Exum ever managed to put together?
-Trey Burke: Can’t really pass. And he was supposed to be the PG of the future when he was drafted. LOL – lots of laughs.
-Raul Neto: Is sometimes overwhelmed by the speed and tallness of the NBA, and he really wishes his parents would have let him play soccer instead. Still better than Exum though.

That’s not a very fun list if you’re a Jazz fan. But, hey, you’ve got cornerstone pieces at every other position! That counts for something!

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