Marcin Gortat 21 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2016)

Marcin Gortat was an old rookie, so it might catch you off guard that he is now 32 years old. His time as a useful player will soon come to an end. Before we know it, the Polish Hammer will no longer be forcing his large and meaty Polish sausage down the throats of defenders. Instead, he will merely whip out his flaccid, tiny kielbasa and feel shame as defenders laugh at its impotency.

Polish people might be more durable than the average human being, so that bodes well for Gortat playing at a high level well into his thirties. Still, we can’t delay in starting our search for the next great Polish baller. We have to start now. So, if there’s any Polish people out there watching this video, tell me about all the Polish players I should be hyped for.

First nomination: Szymon Szewczkyzyzywewczywyk.

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