Jordan Clarkson 28 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/24/2016)

Before I can anoint Jordan Clarkson future king of LA, I need to find out if he plays defense. His skills at scoring the ball are no longer in question. Since he no longer plays at the point guard position, he skills at distributing the ball are no longer relevant. But defense is always relevant.

It looks like Clarkson could be a good defender. He has long arms and is pretty quick. If he does suck at defense now (a lot of young players do), at least he has the tools to get better.

Okay, that settles it. The future king of Los Angeles is now officially Jordan Clarkson. If he reads this, he can send me a check for $200 and I’ll mail him his crown. It’s actually one of the crowns that they give to kids at Burger King but I taped Lakers logos over all the Burger King logos so it should be fine. I would tell Kobe to give his back to me but for some reason he never responds to my tweets.

In fact, I’ve never seen Kobe wearing the King of LA crown. I hope he remembers that he has it.

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