Josh Richardson 15 Points Full Highlights (2/24/2016)

When Josh Richardson scored eight points near the beginning of the season, I declined to make a highlight video for him, believing that if he could so easily score eight in an NBA game, he would quickly surpass that total. Then, months passed with Richardson either getting DNP’s or failing to produce in the minutes he received.

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief, because Richardson has fulfilled my expectations, and the previous, unmade highlight video proved to be unnecessary.

However, a new fear lurks deep in my mind: what if this is the first of a series of progressively more impressive breakout games for Richardson? That’s what happened with Whiteside last year. He scored eight points in garbage time and I thought that would probably be his season-high. Then, by the end of the season, he was tearing up the league and my early highlight videos were totally obsolete.

Don’t do that to me, Josh. I’m warning you.

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