Ish Smith 25 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/29/2016)

When I saw that Jahlil Okafor was out, and I saw that Ish Smith had 7 assists, one thought immediately came to mind.

“I bet he and Nerlens hooked up for so many lobs. SO MANY LOBS!”

Jokes on me, right? I thought this Ish character was supposed to be a pure point guard. Turns out, all 7 of his assists sucked, none of them were even to Nerlens, and he wanted to chuck more than pass. Well, one of the assists was okay. The others, though, were definitely sucks. I considered not even including them in the video, because who really wants to see a bunch of perimeter passes that happen to lead to buckets? Then I realized that, since Ish wasted my time by making me compile all his cruddy dimes, the correct thing to do would be to “pay it forward” by including them in the highlights, thus making all you guys waste YOUR time by watching them! Ha! Now the joke is on all of us!

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