Delon Wright 12 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2016)

I announced this in my previous Delon Wright highlight video back in February, but got no takers, so I’m announcing it again: the channel name “delon15” is still ripe for the taking!

dorell15 was like the OG highlight maker. He was direct inspiration for me. Well, not quite, since I didn’t realize he existed until after I started, but still. He was making highlights of role-players long before DTB ever put two clips next to each other. dorell15 has sadly entered into retirement, sort of like the real Dorell Wright (playing in China or wherever doesn’t count), but you can always go and rewatch his videos here: . It’s like a slice of highlight history preserved forever in the amber of YouTube’s gleaming server infrastructure.

Back to Delon. Even if there is no highlight channel named after him, he still has done plenty to hype up Raptors fans. A thirteen point game followed by a twelve point game a month later? Consider me hyped. People have had a hardon for the mythical “tall point guard” ever since Magic Johnson; is this the time when it finally works? Is Delon Wright actually going to be good?

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