Mirza Teletovic 24 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2016)

Mirza Teletovic vids used to be some of my most consistently viewed. Like, I’d post them, and a couple hours later, after the Bosnians noticed them, they’d have 10,000 views, easy. This happened on a regular basis. That doesn’t happen anymore. Mirza is better than ever, but all the Bosnians have forgotten about him. Are they too hyped for Bojan Bogdanovic to care anymore? He’s not even really Bosnian.

I don’t exactly get it (maybe I do), but this loss of interest has happened before. It seems that as soon as a player starts being good on a consistent basis, they lose a large segment of their fanbase. People always yearn for and are looking for the next big thing, and once a player gets to a certain point, they stop being excited for them. It’s like that sweet Christmas present that was really sweet for like 15 minutes after you opened it but then it gets put on the shelf never to be enjoyed again. Just like that, except with a big Bosnian basketball player.

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