Chris McCullough 10 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2016)

I may look back on this video as a mistake. Chris McCullough has been getting plenty of minutes and shot attempts over his last few games, and the Nets still have a few games left to attempt to establish him even further. If he can just knock down a few of the shots he’s currently missing, he’ll easily score more than ten, and this video will officially enter the dreaded “zone of obsolescence” where view counts are permanently stuck at zero and the video only appears on page ten or lower of YouTube’s search results.

Then again, I may look back on this video as a stroke of unparalleled genius when it turns out that Chris McCullough never manages to eclipse his ten-point outburst (if a player scoring ten points could be considered an “outburst”, which I think it can if the player is a huge enough scrub). It may turn out to be the most relevant result when you search “Chris McCullough NBA”. It might continue to accrue massive amounts of views as McCullough plays for a new team in Europe every six months. That would be the ideal situation, honestly. For both me and Chris.

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