Enes Kanter 22 Points Full Highlights (1/18/2017)

“Hey Russ, I having big favor to ask you,” Enes Kanter told his teammate immediately after his team’s loss to the Warriors. He had to raise his voice to make himself heard over the continued cheering of the home fans. “It very important.”

“Is this about that cheerleader from Utah that you can’t shut up about?” Russell Westbrook asked.

Enes’ eyes widened in surprise. “How you knowing about Jesseca?”

“She’s basically all you ever talk about even though it’s been like two years since you were banging her or whatever. The whole locker room knows how you got cucked by that lanky French dude.”

Enes became agitated by his teammate’s words. “I am not cucked by Rudy. That is a false. Also, I never banging Jesseca, our relationship was like slowly blossoming flower, not carnal lust escapades. I treating her with respect that beautiful woman deserving.”

“Okay, sure, whatever,” Russell said as other players, cameramen, and security staff bustled around them. “You still haven’t told me what the favor is.”

“In post-game interview, you have to say ‘Enes still love Jesseca’. That way she can know still of my love for her.”

Russell looked doubtful. “She’s probably not going to be watching. Cheerleaders never actually, you know, watch basketball in their free time.”

“Who care?” Enes responded. “Somebody who know her will see and telling her of it. She will be touched when finding out that my love for her is announced on national televisions.”

“I’m not going to turn my interview into a soap opera. Sorry,” Russell responded. He turned to walk away, but was stopped by Enes’ hand grabbing his shoulder.

“Please, Russ, please,” Enes pleaded, tears forming in his eyes. “I missing her. I know that Jesseca come back to me if you doing this one thing.”

Russell gently removed Enes’ hand from his shoulder. “Sorry man. Just text her or something. I ain’t getting involved.”

Enes watched sadly as his teammate walked away. Then, he looked out into the crowd. There were so many women there, many of them good-looking, even stunningly beautiful. But he wanted none of them. There was only one girl in the world for him, and it was the one girl who wanted nothing to do with him.


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