Meyers Leonard 17 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2017)

Attention circus shot fans: Meyers Leonard makes the season’s best circus shot at 0:47 of this video.

Attention Meyers Leonard fans: Meyers Leonard scores a season-high 17 points at 0:00 of this vid.

Attention Blazers fans: Why doesn’t Meyers Leonard play more minutes?

I think I already know the answer. Because he is one of the softest players in the league. Ed Davis isn’t that good at all, but he plays hard(er), so he gets the minutes. A seven footer who wants to do nothing but hang around the three-point line is useful, but not really what the Blazers are looking for from their center.

He got his chance early-ish (as in not garbage time) in this one (Nurkic being a foul machine has its benefits), and made the most of it, scoring 17 in only 15 minutes. He dunked it a few times, hit some threes, and made a really nice blind fling over his shoulder as Jameer Nelson tried to gouge his eyes out. That one would go on all the ESPN highlight reels, if internet highlights hadn’t killed off the concept several years ago.

Side note: that slight beard growth makes him look so much older. Gone is the 16-year-old-looking goofball of the past. In his place, a strong and manly beast ready to dominate DeFartus Cousucks.

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