Mario Hezonja 14 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2018)

Mario Hezonja had a successful three-point excursion for the second straight game, nailing four of five triples in this one after hitting three of five in the previous game. Two games is a small sample size, too small to draw useful conclusions, but I’m sure all you optimists out there are saying to yourselves, “Hezonja’s shooting his finally come through! This is the start of him being a sharpshooter who is coveted leaguewide for his quick release and accuracy!”

I’m not ready to make such proclamations myself, but I can see where the optimism would come from. Hezonja scored nearly 11 PPG in the month of January after being RUDELY AND UNFAIRLY HELD DOWN by coach Vogel for most of the early part of the season. Hezonja has proved with his play recently that he at least deserves some minutes. Maybe not starter’s minutes, he hasn’t quite earned those yet, but significant minutes off the bench in every game are basically an inalienable human right for a top-five pick who’s playing like this. If Vogel doesn’t continue to give him those minutes, I will contact the United Nations.

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