Wayne Selden 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/31/2018)

I am fully on board the Wayne Selden hype train and there’s no getting me off it. I don’t know what he did to get ejected at the end of this game, he probably talked a little too much trash in earshot of the ref, but just one weak ejection isn’t enough to pry me off this train. It would take at least one instance of physical violence against a fan before I said to myself, “This hype train doesn’t need me as a passenger.” Or if he all of a sudden forgot how to score and my hype for him withered away.

Selden seems to be, at first blush, one of those “scoring-only” shooting guards who doesn’t accumulate any other types of stats. Rebounds? Gasol can get ’em. Assists? That’s what point guards are for. Points, on the other hand? Not many players on the Grizzlies can reliably go out there and score points while still being efficient at it. Tyreke Evans is the only real scorer on the team. If Selden can also be a real scorer and not just a scorer in a small subset of games, then he would be the second real scorer on the team.

Choo choo.

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