Terry Rozier 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (2/11/2018)

Terry Rozier didn’t so himself any favors in his quest to shoot 40% from the field when he went 1-of-11 in the Celtics’ last game, against the Pacers, but he made up for that headache-inducing shooting performance by shooting exactly 40% from the field in this one, 6-of-15. Remember, 40% is the official line between “this guy sucks” and “this guy is okay”. Right now, Rozier is on the suck side of the line, but with the uptick in minutes he should have plenty of chances to shoot enough shots to raise that field goal percentage.

While we’re on the subject of low field goal percentages, the rumor at the trade deadline was that the Celtics were done with Marcus “Pizza Face” Smart and wanted to move forward with Rozier as the backup point guard. Maybe because Rozier can actually hit threes and doesn’t angrily punch framed hotel-room pictures after reading Instagram. Then again, Rozier doesn’t bring the intangibles that Smart does, or if he does, they’re so intangible that I don’t even know they exist.

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