Allen Crabbe 24 Points Full Highlights (2/14/2018)

For the past few games, Nets fans have been treated to the Allen Crabbe that they thought they were getting when they acquired him from Portland. This new Allen Crabbe actually makes shots some of the time, something that old Allen Crabbe was definitely not doing. Crabbey Patty was looking quite overpaid and quite useless; now he looks moderately overpaid and moderately useful. Not useful enough to knock the treads off of Brooklyn’s indestructible tank, but at least playing at a level where Nets fans don’t look at his contract and involuntarily groan to themselves.

Actually, I just looked up his contract and it’s way worse than I remembered. Nineteen million dollars a year! Three more years! I just love rubbing bad contracts in the noses of fans! Take that Nets fans! Should I also tell you about Timofey “Five minutes per game in the month of February” Mozgov and his crazy contract?

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