Jrue Holiday 24 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (2/14/2018)

Nobody even talks about Jrue Holiday when they’re talking about All-Star snubs. Given the “stacked” nature of the point guard position in the Western conference, it wasn’t even a snub; he’s fringe All-Star caliber, but there’s no way for him to make it in the West unless multiple dudes were to get injured. He should try to get traded back to the East so he has a chance to make the team while he’s still in his prime and capable of it.

Holiday is currently averaging 18/5, which doesn’t seem that great until you realize that he’s doing it on better efficiency than Dragic, Kemba, and Lillard, and WAY better efficiency than Chucksell Statpadbrook. There’s probably a few lonely Pelicans fans who were crowing about his All-Star credentials, but realistically, he would have to bump those assist numbers up (they’re way down this year for some reason) and score two or three more points per game to have a real shot in the West.

Or he could just slip Lillard some laxatives right before the All-Star game, and then when Lillard can’t get up from the toilet, Holiday conveniently pops out and says, “Don’t worry coach Curry, I’m ready to play.”

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