Zach Randolph 29 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2018)

You know how hard it is to make highlights when every single play-by-play source stops midway through the third quarter? It’s frickin’ hard. I hope I got all of Zach Randolph’s buckets, because I was like a blind man in a mirror maze trying to find them. Some people think that highlight-makers actually watch the game to get the highlights, and normally I don’t, I don’t think anyone really does, but I pretty much had to for this one. I didn’t like it. Actually watching games is so lame when you’re trying to pump out highlight vids for your 80,000 subscribers.




Okay, technical problems aside, Randolph had a sick game tonight. He started off dropping bombs from triple-land, then decided that he wanted to make Jerami Grant into his own personal slave by taking it inside. The Kings ended up losing because Westbrook is blessed with the ability to hit game-winners even after bricking everything prior but, again, this is tanking season. The Kings don’t really care that they lost this one, maybe Randolph cares a bit, but if he really cared, he would’ve demanded a trade a long time ago.

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