Eric Moreland 10 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/28/2018)

It fills me with an unexplainable sense of joy and contentment to finally be able to make an Eric Moreland highlight video. He was an extremely marginal player his first two years in the league, absolutely on the fringiest fringe of the margins of the NBA. In those two seasons with Sacramento, he appeared in eleven games, played fifty minutes, and scored ten points. Then he was out of the league for a year and I was like “oh well, not every player can get a DTB highlight video in their career, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Then the Pistons picked him up and, you know, my hopes weren’t even raised. I figured he would be stuck to the end of the bench behind Drummond and Marjanovic (you done goofed, Van Gundy) and maybe even Ellenson. Then he came in and started receiving real minutes. These weren’t fake minutes, people. These were REAL minutes. Like ten minutes in a single game. Moreland quickly passed his Sacramento minutes total as well as his Sacramento scoring total, and that was when I finally allowed myself to think, “Maybe this dude will get his DTB vid after all.”

It’s happening right now. RIGHT NOW. Eric Moreland, among the scrubbiest of all scrubs, has his video. And I am hyped as all hell for it. The fact that he did it against the Bucks actually combines the hype with a perverted kind of masochism to heighten the entire experience for me. I may or may not be wearing clothes right now.

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