Justise Winslow 17 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2018)

Justise Winslow seems to have accepted his fate as a poor offensive player; his shots per minute are way down this season, and the only thing keeping him from being totally useless on that end is the fact that he can sometimes hit threes now. 43 percent, even on limited attempts, is really good, even if it’s probably a mirage that will disappear when you walk closer to it.

He still manages to be a positive contributor because of his defense (and his rebounding this year, he’s found out, like a bunch of other smaller players, that rebounds can be had if you simply run in there and grab them). He’ll likely have a long career, because every good team needs someone who can D up really well, but he’s always going to be a marginal role-player if he can’t find some offense somewhere in that perfect-basketball-player body of his. Has he checked his hair? Sometimes all the good talent is stored up there.

He scored 17 tonight even though I’ve been dissing him this whole description. He would have had more, except, you know, scoring for him is never a sustainable thing. Ever.

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