Jaylen Brown 21 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2018)

Lakers fans are constantly, without pause or interruption, hyping up Brandon Ingram. It’s constant. Ingram is good this year, yeah, but they just never shut up about how great he is. They want everyone to know that he’s not a bust anymore, that he’s actually really good, and that he’s gonna be the reason LeBron comes to the Lakers. As they should. Fanbases are supposed to unendingly praise their players.

But Celtics fans are not doing the same for Jaylen Brown. You hear a little about him, the occasional comment on how much better he looks this year, but not much at all compared to the Ingram avalanche. I know this isn’t a question of dedication. Obviously Celtics fans are dedicated, but they’re too busy enjoying a team that is actually good at basketball to get all defensive in support of their sophomore stud. Still, they could at least offer more of a counterpoint to the never-ending cascade of Lakers fanatics.

On the third sign of the coin, I think Bucks fans will never ever get tired of complaining bitterly about Thon Maker as long as he remains on the team, and for good reason, because that guy is the suck.

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