JaVale McGee 12 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2018)

“Elite coach” Steve Kerr has finally seen reason, even as it was staring him in the face this whole time: he has inserted JaVale McGee into the starting lineup, banishing Zaza Pachulia to the bench where he belongs, forever.

I think everyone on earth agrees with me that McGee is simply the better option for the fast-paced offense the Warriors’ starters like to play. He’s not the quickest dude in the world, but he easily outstrips Pachulia in every form of athleticism, except for being strong. Most importantly, he can catch lobs; I don’t think Pachulia has ever caught a lob in his life, and even if he did, it was only because he illegally brought a trampoline to use on the court.

McGee can also shoot turnaround jumpers. I don’t know why he added that to his game, but he did, and it’s sweet. None this game, though. He mostly just dunked it, including a big poster on Jarrett Allen (who has a fetish for eating ball). Sorry about the replay for that one, I looked all over the place and could only find the hyperspeed one you see in the video. It’s early in the month, but by March Dunkilation has already been ruined.

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