Montrezl Harrell 26 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2018)

Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell made eleven field goals in this game, but only one of them was a dunk. If you had asked me beforehand to predict how many dunks he would have given his field goal total, I would have told you “five”. Unequivocally. It would have been five dunks.

But we don’t get five dunks here. We get one dunk and then a bunch of power moves in the post against defenders who are overwhelmed by Harrell’s meaty…well, they’re overwhelmed by Harrell’s meat. They got his whole load and they realized that they didn’t want even a taste of it. Hence the 26 points, which isn’t a career high but should be.

I think it’s plays like we see in this video that differentiate Montrezl Harrell and DeAndre Jordan. Jordan has no confidence in his ability to finish tough layups through contact, either that or he just doesn’t care to. Harrell loves getting the ball near the basket to make shredded pork out of his defenders. Is it possible that…hold your gasps of surprise here…Harrell is better than Jordan right now? Jordan’s gotten fat and his stats have dropped off slightly ever since Chris Paul left him, plus he’s never made a jumpshot in his life. Harrell can make jumpshots and he doesn’t rely on a top-three all-time point guard to feed him easy looks.

Since Steve Ballmer is probably reading this right now (I’m typing it in Notepad, which is a Microsoft-owned program/botnet), I would like to instruct him to put Harrell in the starting lineup and play him thirty minutes every game so we can see if he would average 20/10 on 65% shooting.

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