Jodie Meeks 23 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2018)

I’m looking at the boxscore from the game where Jodie Meeks had 42 points with the Lakers, and holy BUTT, his teammates sucked. Four of them are still in the league, Pau Gasol (okay), Wesley Johnson (wow), Kent Bazemore (back when he sucked dongle), and Nick Young (who was a DNP). This was in 2014, by the way, not like some game from a decade ago where of course no one who played is still going to be around.

Robert Sacre let Hasheem Thabeet score 4 points in that game.

I was half-expecting for this to be his best game since then, but I forgot about his 9-three explosion when he was with the pistons. He’s had two or three other games better than this as well, but this is his best performance in a long time regardless. And the only reason it happened is because he toasted Luke Babbitt three times in a row in the fourth quarter. My unwavering support of Babbitt looks more and more foolish by the day, but I will never stop waving the flag of Babbittopia.

Wasn’t Meeks going to be traded, anyway? I remember his “camp” (lol does every scrub these days have a camp who makes demands for them) wanted him out of Washington so he could get more minutes (?????) for a better team (????????????). That must not have materialized, because Meeks isn’t that good and no good team is really going to desire him, and he’s definitely still on the Wizards. That’s the most sure proof I’ve ever seen that he hasn’t gotten traded.

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