Emeka Okafor 14 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2018)

Emeka Okafor had a goal in this game: to prove that he should’ve been the number one overall pick back in 2004. That he is better than Dwight Howard.

It didn’t really work, because Dwight had a big game and Okafor only got 14 (still a season high tho) but he was being super aggressive, going right at Dwight a bunch of times, so that was good to see anyway. Based on his dunks in this game, his athleticism is basically zero, if Dwight had been in the picture for any of those, Okafor wouldn’t have dunked it, but isn’t that the point? Okafor is SAVVY. He makes his teams BETTER. He moves to OPEN SPACES.

The spaces were open from the midrange as well; I don’t think Dwight believed that Okafor had that in his game, because he just let Okafor take them. Come on man. Read the scouting report, assuming that the Hornets even had a scouting report on this guy.

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