Donovan Mitchell 33 Points Full Highlights (4/23/2018)

Usually I complain when a player makes too many layups (“LAME-ups”) because they’re not as fun to watch as jumpshots. However, for this Donovan Mitchell video, I’m not going to complain about all the layups he made because none of them fit the definition of “LAME-up”, which is literally just “a lame layup”. All of these were cool layups, showcasing his athleticism and body control. Only a few players in the league consistently make the act of a layup into something cool and not something lame.

The other thing I won’t do in this description is point out that Mitchell needed 28 shots to score 33 points. I won’t even bring it up. Instead I’ll talk about how I thought this series was a tossup, but now the Jizz are up 3-1 and it’s a good thing I didn’t publicize any of my stupid opinions on how this series would turn out.

I think, after he retires, the title for Mitchell’s autobiography should be “Kobe 2.0: How I Made it to the WCF Conference Finals my Rookie Year and Along the Way Ruined Alec Burks’ Career By Stealing all his Minutes”.

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