Royce O’Neale 17 Points Full Highlights (5/4/2018)

Royce O’Neale was the high-scorer for the Jazz in game 3, which is pretty nuts for an undrafted rookie who only started four games in the regular season. How did the rest of the Jazz starting lineup fare?

Poopy Gobitch: 6-of-8, 12 points (that’s not so bad actually)
DoNotROTY Bitchell: 4-of-16, 10 points
Woe Dingleberries: 2-of-10, 6 points
Dick Flavors: 1-of-4, 2 points

Meanwhile, Royce “John Salmons 2.0” O’Neale scored seventeen points on an efficient 7-of-10 from the field, got into a “fight” with James Harden where it definitely looked like Harden was being a bitch about the whole thing, and had a little seven-point scoring outburst in the first half that finally gave the crowd a reason to get excited. O’Neale might not have an NBA career that future generations will remember, but he can always tell his grandkids, “I scored 17 points as a starter in a second-round playoff game and I made three-time MVP James Harden look like a whiny bitch while doing it”.

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