Royce O’Neale 17 Points Full Highlights (5/8/2018)

It’s cool when teams just pick rando dudes off the top of the scrap heap of undrafted/Europe-bound players and they turn out to be valuable role-players right out of the gate. In case you missed it, Royce “John Salmons 2.0 with defense” O’Neale is one of those guys, and he just led the Jazz in minutes this game. That’s right. In a playoff elimination game, an undrafted rookie led the team in minutes.

That wouldn’t have happened if Ricky “Spanish Sexy Eyes” Rubio hadn’t gotten himself injured, but his injury was actually a good thing if it means that O’Neale has cemented his role on the team going forward. If we’re being real, Rubio being alive MIGHT have allowed the Jazz to take this series to six games, MAYBE, so his absence had no effect on the final outcome. If O’Neale is not currently writing a thank-you card to Rubio for his timely injury, he needs a refresher course on what proper card-writing etiquette is.

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