Royce O’Neale 17 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2019)

Royce “John Salmons 2.0” O’Neale had two games of this caliber in the playoffs last year. All the way back in early May, if you can remember back that far. He was even the leading scorer for the Jazz in one of them (the Jazz did not win that game against the Rockets). Those were the last vids I made for him; it’s taken him until halfway through the next season to replicate those performances.

And the only reason he got to do it was because he was one of three un-injured guards available for Utah. And, honestly, Naz Mitrou-Long doesn’t count, so as one of two available guard-sized players, he got to start. And when you get to start, you get to shoot, and boy did he ever. 12 threes attempted over his 40 minutes of action, with 5 hits. That’s pretty good! A performance absolutely befitting his “John Salmons 2.0” nickname.

I should point out to Raptors fans that John Salmons will be mentioned in passing in this description and if you are still triggered into manic episodes by the presence of his name, stop reading the description immediately. Someone remind me to put this paragraph at the beginning.

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