Meyers Leonard 16 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2019)

Meyers Leonard is currently playing his seventh season for the Blazers. That’s a long time to play for just onte team these days, especially as a role player, and especially especially as a role player who doesn’t even appear in every game. His contract is bad but not completely atrocious for his level of production (Evan Turner’s is way worse), so the Blazers could trade him if they wanted to, but why would they want to do that? He seems happy enough to sit on the bench and sometimes get in games to shoot three-pointers.

That said, I sometimes wonder what it would be like for Leonard to get “unleashed”. As in, he gets traded to a team that doesn’t have a starting center, so he gets to start and take ten or twelve or fifteen shots per game. What would happen in that scenario? Would he fall apart under the increased workload or would he, as the kids say, “show out” with the newfound offensive freedom bestowed upon him?

I don’t feel like Leonard can get his own shot very easily, but that’s because he never gets the chance to try out things like that with the Blazers. All his looks are fed to him by the guards. Maybe he has some secret talent at being a high-volume scorer that we’ve just never gotten a chance to see. The fact that his true scoring ability is unknown makes him an interesting prospect. You know what I’m thinking right now.

That’s right. Meyers Leonard for Thon Maker straight up. We’ll throw in Tony Snell to match the salaries but we want a second-round pick back.

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