Otto Porter 18 Points Bulls Debut Full Highlights (2/8/2019)

Bulls without Otto Porter: 1 19-point or more win in 54 attempts.

Bulls with Otto Porter: 1 19-point or more win in 1 attempt.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the trend here: Otto Porter is the franchise-changer that Chicago desperately needed. Although, in truth, you can change the “Otto Porter” to “Jabari Parker” and reverse the “with/without” in those sentences and it remains true. So it’s just as likely that Parker was the franchise-changer, just in the totally opposite direction. The bad direction. Or, it’s a combination of both. Or, this big win means nothing and is just a random statistical blip in the spacetime of the season.

Still, I’m sure that Bulls fans are extremely happy to see Porter do well in his first action with the team. As long as they aren’t expecting him to be a star, and are willing to have him be an ultra-role-player, they should remain happy. Again: Bulls fans, do NOT expect anything more than this on a nightly basis from Porter. Just don’t. He’s not the type of player to wow you with dazzling scoring outputs. I don’t want anyone getting disappointed here.

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