Chasson Randle 20 Points Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Chasson “Press X To Chasson” Randle was out of the league last season. Now, if I was an NBA player and I found myself out of the league quicker than I anticipated, I would probably just chill out on my coach and wait for calls from NBA teams wanting to sign me. I would also play a lot of computer games and order a lot of pizza delivery. Between the pizza and video games I would get a few shots up and maybe do some jumping jacks to make sure that I didn’t bloat out.

You know what Randle did? He went to Europe and won the EuroLeague championship. Instead of being content to sit around stateside hoping for a G-League assignment or something, he went out and signed with Real Madrid. I’m not sure if he knew much about Spain before he got there; the only thing I know about it is that if I assert that their national cuisine is tacos and burritos, everybody gets mad at me. Anyway, Randle won a championship there while playing an extremely minimal role on the team, then came back to America with championship credentials. I’m assuming that these championship credentials are what got him signed to the Wizards.

Now John Wall is out for the next twenty years and the Wizards have to figure out if Randle might be some kind of long-term answer for them at the point guard position, most likely as a backup. Early returns: he shoots a lot better than Wall did pre-legocalypse, but his passing needs work. One assist in 25 minutes? Come on bro.

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