Jonathan Isaac 17 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Given that the Bucks just unexpectedly lost to the Magic by twenty points, anything negative that I say about Jonathan Isaac and his lack of production up to this point in his NBA career will be taken as the extremely salty ramblings of a butthurt Bucks fan. Since I am not even salty right now (I turned the game off at the half to make highlight videos/preserve my good mood), my viewers would be assuming incorrect things about me, but I’ll do everybody a favor here and not even touch on Isaac’s borked-up jumpshot form or his too-pointy chin.

Instead, I will make a not-salty list of all the good things about Jonathan Isaac:

-Seventeen points is one off a career high
-Seven field goals is also one off a career high
-This is probably the first time he’s led his team in scoring
-The Magic won, which is a good thing for him (not so good for me, but I must re-iterate here, I am not salty in the slightest. In fact, I have never been less salty in my entire life)
-Dunks are cool
-Isaac almost made as many three-pointers by himself as the whole opposing team did
-Not everybody has big enough balls to go up in front of a crowd and preach a sermon
-Not everybody has big enough balls to take it like a man when none of your teammates showed up to the sermon that you specifically invited them to
-Having two first names is kinda neat, but also lame because sometimes people think your last name is your first name

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