JaVale McGee 21 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (2/10/2019)

Why do the Lakers keep bringing in replacements for JaVale McGee? First Tyson Chandler (who supposedly “defends” and “rebounds”, now Mike Muscala (who supposedly “shoots”). Here’s the deal: McGee doesn’t need a replacement. He’s a good, maybe even ideal, starting center for a team like the Lakers. And his whole asthma thing was blown way out of proportion, so it’s not like he even really needs a backup besides Moritz Wagner (who is still waiting for Lance Stephenson to help him up).

I don’t think Chandler or Muscala can even dunk. That’s, like, the most important skill for a center playing next to LeBron to have. Maybe Muscala can jam a little bit, but Chandler is way too old to do anything besides be tall and have a gross-looking beard that deters people from coming too close to him. I can’t remember which player it was who didn’t wear deodorant as a psych-out ploy to disturb his opponents, but that’s what Chandler is doing right now with that matted growth.

McGee looks weird also, but it’s more like the “literal cartoon character” kind of weird, not anything gross. Don’t believe me about the cartoon character part? Look at the thumbnail. There are a lot of things going on there and most of them aren’t typical NBA player things.

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