John Collins 22 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2019)

John Collins, Trae Young, and the rest of the Hawks’ mismatched cast of veterans, role-players, and scrubs just defeated the LeLakers. This might be a new low for a Lakers team that was supposed to contend right away, and that makes me happy because Lakers fans deserve bad things happening to them. Not “bad things” as in murder, injury, or personal financial ruin, but “bad things” like watching their team lose a game of basketball to one of the most downtrodden, uncompetetive teams in the downtrodden, uncompetetive Eastern Conference.

Meanwhile, the scant amount of fans in attendance at State Farm Arena were rewarded for their unflagging support of the Hawks with a win. Not just any a win; a win that sent LeBron James AKA Jabroni Lames home with his tail between his legs, wondering if he should tell Magic that he “needs more help” or “needs a playmaker” (Deron Williams is still alive and available, as far as I know). A win where afterwards, you can heckle all the Lakers fans that showed up wearing their conspicuously-yellow Kobe jerseys. A win where, due to some promotion or another, everybody in the arena probably got a free kids-size chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A. A win where John Collins once again proved he was an All-Star snub as he inches ever-closer to averaging 20/10 on the season.

Yep, I’m going there. John Collins was officially SNUBBED.

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