Trae Young 22 Points/14 Assists Full Highlights (2/12/2019)

OFFICIAL DTB DISCLAIMER: Trae Young was 6-of-19 from the field. Viewers who are watching this video on the night that the game took place might have a fresh memory of the box-score and not need such a basic reminder, but this video is not just for present-day viewers. It’s also for future viewers, and future viewers will not recall the intricacies of the box-score of this game without a reminder (unless they have an enyclopedic memory). Future viewers, ignorant of the context in which Young scored his points, might come away thinking that he had a “good” scoring game, and I want to make sure that my video gives no wrong impressions. Was it a sick passing display? Of course. Was it a sick scoring display? Only in the sense that it made me sick to my stomach watching him brick shots.

Attacks on his efficiency not withstanding, Young has been getting more efficient in his shooting as the season goes on. Depending on how strongly he finishes the season after the All-Star break, he could be facing disqualification from my channel as soon as next season. He’s already averaging 17/7 on the season now – and 20/10 in February – so he’s not that much worse than other point guards I’ve decided to exclude (Eric Bledsoe, for example).

If you would like to see Trae Young on my channel going forward, you could help me make my decision by commenting “Please spare Trae from your wrath Mr. DTB” on this video.

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