Jonathan Isaac 16 Points Full Highlights (2/14/2019)

If there are any females out there (there might not be), does Jonathan Isaac not totally look like the ideal male mate for a lonely Valentine’s Day? His facial expression just screams “I’m an innocent young man ready to be shown the way by an experienced lady and have my youthful naivete snatched away from me”. But there’s also a dark tint to his eyes, betraying the fact that he might be more passionate and assertive in romantic relations than his fresh babyface would have you believe.

So call him up, invite him into your home, and see if his “downstairs wingspan” is all it’s cracked up to be, or if he’s the kind of guy who just raids your fridge, uses your toilet, and then leaves because he’s not really into women right now.

I personally would never allow Isaac anywhere near me, not because he is unattractive or has a bad personality, but because he showed such a clear deficiency of judgment when taking those two turnaround jumpers. I get that he’s trying to expand his game, and that the perfect time to try those things is when the game is a blowout halfway through the second quarter, but come on man. Those were total bricks. They didn’t deserve to go in at all. If I was a Hornets fan and I somehow managed not to turn the TV off in frustration after the first one, I would definitely put my fist through it on the second one, because that was grade-A bull poo.

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