Damyean Dotson 20 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

Out of all the times fans (and myself) have been blue-balled, which is many, many times, this one might be one of the worst. Limiting the discussion to basketball-related cases of blue balls, of course. This is a family-friendly channel and I staunchly refuse to acknowledge that other, more carnal forms of blue-balling might exist.

Damyean Dotson had 18 points in the first eight minutes of this game. He seemed poised to smash through his career-high of thirty points. Then, he scored just two more points in the first half, and didn’t score at all in the second half. Twenty points isn’t even his season-high in points. I’m sure that 18 is the most that he’s ever scored in a single quarter in his career, but that’s not a real stat. That’s an arbitrary, fake stat.

My balls spontaneously turned into sapphires while I witnessed Dotson go from flamethrower-mode to whatever the opposite of flamethrower-mode is. For a player to be so hot and then be so cold is really rough emotionally. Did his teammates freeze him out because of jealousy? Did the defense on Dotson get really aggressive? Was this a SECRET TANK JOB by one Coach Fizdale? It could be none or some or all of those these things. I demand answers.

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