Montrezl Harrell 30 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

Within the confines of this videographic depiction, Montrezl “Monsterezl” Harrell once again showcases how unstoppable he can be around the basket. “Unstoppable” in this case not just meaning “effective”, but literally meaning “unable to be stopped”. He is a superior physical specimen and he demonstrates that fact to nearly every defender he comes across.

It makes me a little jealous, honestly. I’ve never been physically unstoppable in my life. From my scrawny (and short-statured) childhood to my scrawny (and tall-statured) adolescence to my scrawny (and normal-statured) adulthood, I’ve never been the kind of guy who could run in for a layup and have everybody duck out of the way. I’m more like the guy who runs in for a layup and gets thrown wildly off course by the slightest sliver of contact; meanwhile the guy I hit doesn’t even realize that our bodies collided because he didn’t feel anything, so it’s never even a foul. Not like I make a habit of calling those fouls. I’m not an asshole.

For just one day, I want to be the muscle-laden guy at the gym who can punish foolhardy defenders with powerful dunks and powerful layups unaffected by the actions of the little weaklings that wimpily try to stop me. My logical mind knows this will never happen, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it for a good half of my waking hours.

If anybody can give me a satisfactory answer as to why God cursed me with a body that’s little more than a skeleton with skin stretched around it, I want to hear it.

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