Pascal Siakam 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

It was a long time ago now, but try to remember way back to right before the All-Star break. It’ll be tough to recall such ancient history, but somewhere deep in the greyest of your grey matter is a faint memory of Pascal “Suck ‘Em” Siakam scoring 44 points. Retrieve that memory and bring it to me so that I may enjoy at as well, because I have no such memory.

It’s weird, shouldn’t have Siakam scoring 44 left more of an impression on me? I honestly forget that he did that until the commentators brought it up. Then I was like “oh yeah, I made a video for that one”. At least, I assumed I did. I had to check my channel and, yup, there it was. I rewatched it. It was pretty sweet.

Considering those 44 points, him scoring 22, barely half of that total, seems not very exciting. But that’s where you’re wrong. It IS exciting. Because Siakam is, simply put, an exciting player. Every possession is a fun surprise. Is he going to go coast-to-coast? Is he going to do a huge Afrostep? Is he going to make a sweet pass? What about a sweet defensive play? Don’t forget him spinning all the way down the court because spin moves are never travels.

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