Dewayne Dedmon 18 Points/6 Blocks Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

The trade deadline has come and gone, and Dewayne Dedmon is still on the Hawks. Wasn’t he supposed to get bought out if he didn’t get traded? But I’m looking at this game, and I’m looking at the jersey he’s wearing, and it appears that he’s definitely still on the Hawks. No doubt about it.

I’m not, like, mad or anything that he didn’t get traded. I’m just thinking that his usefulness would be better used on a team that is earnestly trying to win games. To win playoff games, if you catch my drift. Dedmon is helping the Hawks right now, but they don’t really want that, and his game is well-suited towards helping playoff teams. Any team who wants a ring on their finger this year could use a big who shoots threes, plays defense, and shoots free throws at an 86 percent clip. No hack-a-Dedmon here, folks.

If you were wondering why it was Dedmon shooting the technical free-throws in this game, it wasn’t some weird glitch where he just happened to be the best foul shooter on the court for the Hawks. It’s because he IS the best foul shooter on the Hawks. Point blank.

Also, shout out to Kelly Oubre for determinedly attacking the basket despite getting rejected by Dedmon every time he went in there. Dedmon was dominating him, but he didn’t give up, and while he didn’t succeed in the end, you have to admire his persistence.

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